Explanation of FAQ regarding cloud
    Self-test version of cloud has been released for a period of time, now here to collect and explain all the problems that were found during the period. The problems mainly be divided into two parts: one is the device can not connect to the server, the other is the device successfully connected to the server but it can not be accessed normally. We can check the Nat Status via local GUI or client software to make sure whether the device can login the server, as below two pictures: the first is what can not be connected, the second is what be connected successfully.
1> the device can not connect to the server.
    Config reason: a> network information of device side do not be configured correctly, including DNS config;;b>the network where device in can not connect to wide area network;c> the router was made port limitation or port forwarding.
If the problem is caused by above reasons, only need to configure the network correctly.
    Software defect : the previous firmware with some defect itself which result in some case that device can not register even under correct configure, for example:
    Case 1>£ºdevice can not be accessed, Nat status code shows:¡£
    Reason£ºthe firmware is with defect itself, the abnormal occurs when analyzing the DNS, this problem usually appears if there is no network when booting the device or the LAN line was plug in and out when the device is working. The upcoming version of firmware has been upgraded.
2>The device registered successfully, but can not be accessed normally.
    Same as above, due to the firmware defect of previous version itself, there is also some other abnormal case as below:
    Case 1>£ºthere is mosaic or splash screen on the image.
    Reason: to some special network, the MTU Value is quite low, we do not take full consideration regarding this issue, which result in the imperfect of data-pack, then comes with splash screen. The upcoming version of firmware had been upgraded.
    Case 2>£ºUse correct MAC address but access to other user¡¯s device and see the video. Reason: At the very beginning, there is a small quantity of device with same MAC address, which lead to this problem. After then, we improved the safety level to stop this problem.
    Case 3>£ºThe Nat status on device side shows: connected, but web site shows the device is not online. Reason: The firmware defect itself, when RTC clock is abnormal, will come out this problem. Upcoming version of firmware had been upgraded.

Besides, the domestic network environment is quite complicated, possibly there maybe some factors that were not be considered when designing, so we will keep improving and optimizing the firmware afterward.